Home Theatre Installation

We are experts in antenna installation and can provide the correct advice for optimal TV reception in your local area.

Home Theatre


Home theatre installation is our specialty. Let help you plan your home theatre properly.

  • What to do with all the wiring. We can help you with your surround-sound cabling to keep it hidden from view
  • We can mount all your speakers and if necessary supply custom wall plates for their attachment.
  • We can install your projector and screen
  • We can install your LCD and LED TVs
  • Provide you with remote control

There is a lot to consider for example:
If you are using a projector you need to know the systems range and different projectors have different ranges. The distance from projector to screen should be considered before making a purchase, so if you’re going to buy yourself a projector decide where you are going to place the projector and screen and measure the distance. The salesman in the store should be able to help you decide which is the optimal projector to buy.

You don’t want your projector facing a window or facing away from a window.

You want to decide where you can put speakers and it is good idea to test different positions before you decide to fix them. Finally you want the wiring to be hidden as much as possible,

Home Entertainment Systems

Modern Living Room Interior with Home-Entertainment

Why choose Horwood Antennas? The reason is simple, we have been around for almost 50 years installing television antennas and our experience would be hard to beat, which means you don’t have to worry and can be assured you will get the best television reception possible.

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