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You can trust Horwood Antennas to provide Wall Mounted TV that is safe, tidy and professionally finished.

Wall mount your flat screen TV

What are the benefits?

1/ The most obvious benefit to mounting your flat screen TV on the wall is going to save a lot of space. There will be no need for a table and of course being on the wall it will be out of the way and out of trouble.
2/ It looks good. Having your TV on the wall can look pretty cool especially if all the wires are hidden.
3/ There is of course an optimal angle to view your TV for the best watching experience. Horwood Antennas can help discover at what height your TV should be mounted so as not to create undue discomfort. The TV should be placed at eye level directly.


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Wall mounting TV’s can be a tricky job and if you would like some advice or would like a quotation for the installation, give us a call today on 0408 776 007. Our experts will provide you with a fixed quotation with no obligation.

If you are considering doing it yourself remember audio visual cable installations must comply with local building and fire regulations and you cannot re-rout your TV power cable through the wall, it is not safe. If you have to cut or route into the wall, ensure there are no hidden obstructions like other power cables or pipes. Of course you should also consider if your mounting is strong enough for your TV and finally ensure your mounting screws and studs are the correct item for the job. If you are unsure get some advice or give us a call, we will be happy to help.

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